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New Generation Louvered Arbors

The new generation louvered arbors have quite a few improvements. These are directed toward allowing the customers even more time spent on the patio as well as taking advantage of new technologies and improved strength in structure design.

There are several new generation louvered roofs now manufactured in countries across Europe including Spain, Belgium, and Italy, and 3 manufactured in the USA.  None of these manufactures have elected to use the bottom pivot design.

New Generation Louvered Arbor Improvements

Here is a list of 8 improvements these companies have in their designs:

  1. All have the flat bottom tongue and groove louver design which is more appealing to customers.

  2. Some have a larger gutter to improve water flow in heavy rainstorms as well as clog-prof leaf and debris screens.

  3. Some have ball bearings at each end of the louver to provide low friction longer-lasting mechanism, no metal rubbing on metal.

  4. All have integrated the new electronics technologies with the motor and control box.

  5. Some have a designer gutter look for improved aesthetics.

  6. Some have a much stronger louver design for improved snow and wind loads.

  7. Some have bearings in the pivot bar (which connects all of the louvers) allowing the louvers to move together without metal to metal grinding.

  8. Some have a rubber gasket to seal and act as a bumper when louvers close.

Why louvered arbors ?

As outdoor living has become more popular, products have been developed to make spending time outside more enjoyable. Retractable awnings provide great shade, but poor durability. Traditional wood pergolas are more durable, but not all-weather. Porch roofs are exceptionally durable, but block too much light. The louvered arbor was designed to allow for shade when you need it and light when you don’t; protection from the elements or refreshing airflow; and great durability.

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